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Frog Butt Friday of the Day

Without going into too many details about myself, you know since it is my website and I should make every post about me…maybe feet pics, one per post, every day…just to give it some human touch and let you know that I’m a guy out here trying to make dreams come true as the lowest level content producer…since no one cares about the faceless, the footless, the people who aren’t on their soap boxes with neon signs and fireworks screaming “LOOK AT ME I AM A CONTENT CREATOR”…..distracting from any important messaging…that’s never important messaging…but distracting from what could be thought out content pieces but instead are just half nude clout chasing follower count boosting garbage…it’s the reason society is dumber…

So to make this about me…..as all BLOGS should be in the era of everyone trying to matter, or get famous….

My dog, an old pug, who is the fucking best…was in Frog Butt this morning, as he does…because dogs of his breed, without generalizing and being seen as a racist….and not because he’s black…but because he’s of the CANINE species and to single him out for his specific cultural background of pug which is “ancient chinese” in this era of ASIAN racism….was in FROG BUTT this morning and I said….in my best Rebecca Black voice…”It’s frog butt friday, friday, friday”….go fuck yourself.

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