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Christa B Allen Rock Hard Nipple of the Day

Christa B Allen Nipple

Christa B Allen….is not P. Allen Smith…yes, I watch PBS and I think he’s great…far better than Christa B Allen, who is a 29 year old who pretends to be an ACTOR because she was in some Jennifer Garner movie where she played a young Jennifer Garner, which isn’t saying much, since Jennifer Garner is so old….but more important…not very hot…so being a young Jennifer Garner in a movie translates to be anyone under 40 who is average looking at best….and willing to be a doormat to Ben Affleck cuz of groupie shit…

ANYWAY…she gets naked on social media for attention which is why she’s got 500k followers…and apparently she’s on TikTok where she has over 1 million followers…all while being someone no one knows because we never saw 13 going on 30…

ANYWAY…the nudes on instagram are always fun, even when done in some weird silhouette that you can still see the shape of titty and angle of nipple…and despite it reminding me of some elementary school Christmas pageant performance behind the white sheet…it makes her tits look good and I guess that’s how you get to that 1,000,000 followers on TikTok….you know influencer shit built from being in a movie once…it’s that easy.


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