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Barbara Palvin See Through Bra of the Day

Barbara Palvin bra

I have this theory about Barbara Palvin that involves the Hungarian being too hungry for Victoria’s Secret so they replaced her with her friend Stella Maxwell…and she basically disappeared until the brand got shit on by the woke and decided they needed to switch things up…so they started giving her a lot more attention.

Whether that’s true or not is up for debate, I wouldn’t bother wasting my time to figure out if that’s the real story or not, I’m just here for the see through titty pic….but I do know that for a while, there was no Barbara Palvin and then all of a sudden..she’s back…

That’s not to say she’s fat, but she was bigger than the other girls, since all these models are actually large people…it’s a model thing….and at the time Victoria’s Secret didn’t like that….those MISOGYNISTS…..bad people…”let’s make-up for being so ignorant by throwing in some trans, retards, and uglies…that’ll make the internet forgive us and forget about Rihanna’s brand that is destroying us…”

Anyway….she was also used as a diversion when she was 18 from Miranda Kerr, then married to Orlando Bloom, who we can assume is a queer because he fucks Katy Perry into pregnancy and she may have a uterus but she’s man enough for me to consider a man….the gossip magazines realized that someone fucked Bieber but couldn’t homewreck for the Bloom household….while making their “family friendly model” seem a bit like a creep since Bieber was barely 18 and Kerr was 30….can’t have that creepy child molesting scandal out there about the model fucking the musical talent…gotta get the Hungarian as the Patsy…we call her Lee Harvey Palvin….

NOW, I broke this story because a friend of Miranda Kerr’s manager told me…BUT I DIDN’T GET FAMOUS for it….because we can’t all be WHISTLE BLOWERS…but we can get SNAP CHAT TO BAN Us….


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