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On/Off Flasher Fridays of the Day

I am still dealing with late stage or late onslaught autism from my H1N1 vaccine I was peer pressured into getting without ever looking into H1N1 or the vaccine they were giving everyone for H1N1….I was a heavy drinker and some slutty big tit girl I was drinking with one afternoon convinced me to get the shot in the basement of some local mall…at the time I did it for jokes, thinking maybe the side effects would be fun, and if I died from it, that’d be a story to tell the world….I didn’t get high, but I did feel like an idiot when I sobered up and realized the H1N1 wasn’t a big deal and weeks after getting the shot…it miraculously was NEVER mentioned again….and years later I met another round bootied slut at a bar who told me she had H1N1 and it wasn’t a big deal…and I said….”you mean it wasn’t even a deadly virus, what a fool I was, can I ejaculate inside you”……

But yeah, we hear these scare tactics that are probably illegal about jobs forcing vaccines, stores and restaurants and travel forcing vaccines, basically making the unvaccinated seem like the lepers, when it’s really the vaccinated who are more likely going to lose limbs down the line…I mean NANO technology, experimental, for a virus that barely kills, all to get back to bars and concerts cuz life’s boring at home….idiots…they’re just peer pressuring everyone to get vaccinated to either make covid a non issue since unvaccinated can’t get sick from the vaccinated if they are vaccinated too….you know virus shedding and shit….making the vaccinated seem like BIO WARFARE I don’t want to be anywhere around, so maybe that VACCINE passport is a good thing….for my longevity….it’s just probably not legal.

Anyway, I suggest that instead of VACCINE PASSPORTS we do On/Off passports so all girls clothed can be seen unclothed in one simple mobile app with a QR code we can scan to see the latest On/Off pics of them…you know the archive…because it takes out the mystery of what they look like while taking away the distraction of wondering what their pussy looks like..

These girls have got a head start, the true heroes in this COVID era lockdown bullshit…you know being one step ahead, getting ahead of the story, so that people don’t think of them as follower fucks…

ON/OFFs are great.

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