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Bella Thorne Lesbianism of the Day

Bella Thorne is the Disney kid who is likely the most popular talent in Hollywood, at least for her generation, because she’s Disney trained and thus someone they can work with, because the industry loves to work with her own.

I don’t know how much control she had over her career, or if she’s just some puppet, because you’d have to be some level of puppet for the Disney people to cast you…it’s something your parents condition you to become..especially parents like Bella Thorne’s mom who also runs an OnlYFans because it’s easy money, gets her jerked off to, which we can assume she likes…

I just know that whether Bella Thorne designed this, or her team designed it, they were really able to secure relevance amongst her social media generation by becoming a low level Youtuber, who by default was high level thanks to Disney.

She pushes the sex thing, the sell sex thing, the hang out with pornstar cuz porn is super popular thing, even if pornstars by default are hardly that impressive, I mean they fuck on camera for 1000-2000 dollars a scene when not selling nudes to pervert for a lot more.. that’s barely a talent….

So this is Bella the mainstream actor, director, writer, producer…who also has a product line, a weed company, and an OnlYFans content creation studio….hanging with her porn chick friend because porn chicks are seen as mainstream and cool to the younger generation who jerk off to them…even if porn chicks are traditionally not that hot or not something you’d really want to actually fuck cuz they are porn chicks….and if you did want to fuck them…they are 1000-2000 dollars a fucking scene…pretty achievable…and the porn chicks I’ve known, some are dead now, are the most broken victims of sexual assault nut cases around…the kind of girl you’d rather avoid than stick your dick in….

I don’t know why porn became cool, but as someone misgendered as a porn site, I’ve always thought it sucked, I used to work at a porn distribution company and hated it, but not as much as the wives of my friends who blacklisted me….but times change, not necessarily for the better, because people can’t handle alll this porn, which is why we are all mindless chronic masturbating distracted, half retarded chimps with too much access…but I’ll always find it gutter…and I am gutter….

I don’t mind seeing Bella Thorne being tit on tit with her porn friend, you know “edgy”….that’s hardly that edgy…but that’s better than the Disney Kids of my generation not Power Topping a porn chick….but instead doing mall tours for their shitty music….


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