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Joey King Ass in a Bikini of the Day

JOEY KING WAS ROBBED…..when she didn’t win the Golden Globe or whatever she was nominated for. I watched the series and she was actually amazing in it, not very hot since she played some retard who killed her mom, BUT….her acting was solid and I think acting is a fucking joke so that is SAYING a lot…I don’t think there’s good acting, it’s all BAD acting, and none of these people are ARTISTS contributing to the higher consciousness of humanity…but rather filling it with more noise we don’t need….but JOEY king was good…

Since that discovery, I’ve discovered she’s got a body, and as she shows us her asshole under her bikini at a waterpark basking in that piss pool water….avoiding COVID….I think her half naked is worth checking out…so check it out loser…

Find better idols people, but jerk off to these ones trying to distract you….

That’s my MERCH idea…FIND better idols….

Now someone make me a design, sell them to Walmart, let’s get that PRIVATE jet money boys.


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