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Medical Worker Monday of the Day

I remember about a year ago, the Medical Workers were being praised as heroes, you know possibly part of a marketing campaign, which I called out about a year ago, that involves the very simple idea of giving people recognition and they’ll go along with whatever they are told.

It’s like how could you say “Covid’s not bad” when society is expecting you to say HOW bad it actually is…and maybe it IS bad, I don’t fucking know, I’m not a medical worker, I just know if I wanted a medical worker to say how bad it was, I’d make sure that they were being treated like they matter, like they are important, like we can’t live without them…because we probably can’t…I mean the Robots aren’t built yet…

As the year went on, the parades and honking and signs about “FRONTLINE HEROES” were replaced with lay offs, gag orders, social media censorship but MOST IMPORTANTLY….mandated vaccines….

So these heroes, who survived covid for a year and a half, that don’t want a vaccine, are now being thrown to the fucking curb….no longer heroes, just dissenters not DOING what they are told…

Luckily, some saw the signs and they opened up their eyes, they saw the sign….and launched a subscription site, sold nudes and at the time I thought it was in bad taste but now REALIZE that they truly are Health Care Heroes…cuz I get to see them be slutty.

SO support your healthcare workers, listen to them, tip them…they are key people, with know how and tits.

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