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The Bille Eilish Bounce of the Day

Billie Eilish is one of the most famous singers/popstars/musical acts out there.

I’ve never heard any of her songs and I like to think I am better for it.

Since I don’t listen to the radio and only stream movies when I am wasted…they can’t penetrate my brain with their mind controlling radio waves that have been designed to make me CONSUME whatever they are selling me…you know that’s how the media and big business work…ROOK US IN subliminally….I’ve seen those investigative journalism reports on how Disney writes “SEX” in the clouds in the kids movies…I’ve also seen Josie and the Pussy Cats…SHOUT OUT TARA REID for showing us how the entertainment industry works with their sophisticated technologies and DEEP pockets…

SO yeah, only know that Billie Eilish is famous, don’t know if she deserves that fame according to my professionally trained fame determining mind, you know the industry ALWAYS(never) asks me my opinion on their future planted stars….because whether I think she deserves fame or not, she’s got it, so my opinion doesn’t matter…

I’m just here for the fat girl titty bounce.

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