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Rihanna Ass of the Day

I don’t know if this is Rihanna’s outfit to the MET GALA, that was a few days ago, I should get with the program, but the real miracle in all this is that I even know what a Met Gala is…I mean…I did jerk off to fashion mags in the 80s and 90s….they published nipples and models in all their tall amazonian glory are pretty photogenic…but even with that Met Gala’s that are 30,000 dollars a plate are not really in my wheelhouse….which isn’t saying much…since I don’t have really any skills that are in my wheelhouse…I mean I am a terrible drinker, driver, drinker and driver….I am not crafty or resourceful…I can’t do carpentry…I don’t know how the internet works despite having a site, I mean this is a sight right….one where I clearly talk too much about myself…

Anyway, the panty peddler and not because she peloton’s in her panties like all the work from home ladies who moonlight like Bruce Willis on OnlyFans…no Bruce Willis doesn’t have an OnlyFans he was on a show called Moonlighting dumb fucks…I AM OLD….

So yeah, Rihanna who has become a billionaire with her billion dollar brand wears those panties out when she can, you know marketing….and you’re probably wondering the same thing that I am….WHERE IS THE WET SPOT! IT IS WEDNESDAY AFTER ALL!


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