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Marisa Papen Makes Orange Juice of the Day

Marisa Papen is here with some pretty important medical advice, if you don’t want scurvy, eat some damn oranges…

If you aren’t into oranges, you will now be into oranges, because there is no better way to make a juice more appealing than to squeeze it with your cunt….

Now I don’t know if her cunt looks like one of those juicers my grandma used to have….but it seems like it’s doing a good enough job fighting scurvy thanks to all the great nutrients available in these foods that grow on this earth as if they are there for a reason…for our consumption…to keep us healthy..

I may not know if her cunt is shaped like a juicer but I do know that I’ve seen her cunt many times because she’s one of those girls who got nude on social media early on, was able to get a huge following only to be deleted for breaching their terms and services, while other porn chicks like the Kardashians are allowed to climb the ranks of twitter to the top….and instead of putting some damn clothes on like a weak person who gives into the pressure being put on her from big tech or the media, she’s decided to be a brave hero about it and turn herself into a nude performance artist who gets naked wherever is most scandalous…

Is making juice scandalous, not yet it’s not, but there may be a time when they cancel and censor the orange for its health benefits and vitamin and mineral delivery….you know cuz it’s not made with fetal cells or soya or whatever a McDonalds burger is rumored to be made with…

Either way, shitting out orange juice, squirting out orange juice, all requires inserting an orange inside of you, and I’m sure you’d be more than happy to be invited to eat that fucker out….unfortunately all I can do is provide the pics….


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