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Sharon Stone is Topless in France of the Day

Our friends over at Nip Slip posted these pics of SHARON STONE TOPLESS in France and I figure they’re some paparazzi shit, that are likely the most interesting thing the paparazzi have captured in two years, and probably something they’d email me to take down….BUT how could I not repost these tits, I mean after all the time I spent burning out the VHS tape by pausing and rewinding her pussy flash in an era when porn wasn’t so readily available and the celebrities were less shameless, desperate and annoying for attention…when celeb pussy wasn’t a google away…because we’re a decadent bunch…swimming in so much celebrity nudity that we’ve collectively learned that celebs are boring, uninteresting, disgusting pieces of shit and not some superior beings we should idolize…they are not like us, they are the worst version of us, so desperate for likes, follows and money…how meaningless an existence…..BUT THERE WAS A TIME when celebs didn’t show us that side of them…and where we could look at Sharon Stone for being the hot actress who showed her pussy that she was at the time….and at 63 those tits still pack a punch…they may not be 63 also…so that could be why…or maybe 63 for them isn’t 63 for us because they use aborted fetus stem cells for longevity…you know…Hollywood shit.

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