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Nina Dobrev Gets Wet of the Day

Nina Dobrev is also known as Shaun White’s Eastern European Fleshlight…not this is not a Fleshlight ad, but it should be…so if you know anyone who works at Fleshlight…like that Onnit guy Aubrey who’s stepdad created the Fleshlight…get them to give me money…or he can give me money with his Onnit shit..

This is not about Joe Rogan’s boyfriend, this is about Shaun White’s sex toy, because when you’re rich enough, your pocket pussy comes in the form of Eastern European import who likely has money of her own, because her parents sold her to the entertainment industry when they settled in Canada thanks to its open door immigration policy…that kind of backfired since she fucked off to LA where meaning she pays taxes in the USA not in Canada, even though Canada gave her that opportunity…pretty fucking rude….

I guess reducing a hot body Eastern European actress who is living her dream life thanks to making that actress money, to being a sex toy to a billionaire action sports dude who looks like Carrot Top…and not just because he’s got neon pubes…because we’re a feminist society people, and women aren’t just extensions of the men they have seduced knowing they’d make fun and rich as shit dads…

Point of the story, if I had the budget, I’d want my sex toy to look like Nina Dobrev too. She’s in her 30s and looks good.


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