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Sophie Simmons Slutty of the Day

I just saw that KISS frontman Gene Simmons sold his Benedict Canyon mansion for 16 million dollars, because he’s moved to Lake Tahoe to get out of the cesspool that is LA I guess….even though Lake Tahoe’s was on fire all summer…I guess that’s all part of the fun.

I also saw that KISS frontman Gene Simmons built a dream house for his wife, Canadian model Shannon Tweed, who really did the sugar baby thing well…committed to the money while he rocked around the world fucking 1000s of woman…which could all just be marketing bravado to prove the money grubber weenie was actually a rockstar and not some kind of uptight accountant type…

I don’t know why I was shown two Gene Simmons real estate news items in the last couple of days, but I’ll assume it was a message from GOD, to prepare me for this post of his daughter’s big tits, because she may be a big girl and pretty bad at digital marketing, since she’s had budget to make herself famous, which less substantial women typically don’t have, but they end up going viral, while she just coasts…but every once in a while is like “HEY I HAVE BIG TITS”….and I guess when you’re the second best KISS memorabilia out there, maybe third, coasting is what you do until old man dies and girl gets access to ALL that money…

I just think she should be a bigger deal, since her tits are big…and she’s a celebrity kid with all that access…and despite being older, she’s still got a shot for those tits and I support her efforts.


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