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Camila Cabello Big Bikini of the Day

The world has gone mad with their mandates…mandating this, mandating that…experimental gene therapy or woke bullshit…it’s mandated…but they don’t mandate health and wellness, you won’t see a MANDATORY SALAD PER DAY…and they don’t mandate fitness….if anything they celebrate the fatties….they put the fatties on the podium….and shame the hotties for being hot…if a skinny bitch posts a hot pic on social…most comments will be EAT A SANDWICH…like I’ve ever told a girl to EAT ANYTHING…if anything, I’ve removed the sandwich from their plate and said “do some sit ups bitch”…..but the problem is the fats outnumber the hots and when backed into a corner or threatened the fats realize the hots are a liability…so they do all they can to rid the world of the hots and the hots scared of being hot end up getting fat to avoid the conflict….it’s crazy.

Anyway, I am on team HOTS….and feel they need burkini mandates.

I know what you’re thinking, because you’ve been brainwashed…some “especially in the hot bodied who are just there to make the fatties insecure…ban all hotties so the fatties can thrive”….which is why I hate you.

That’s the world we live in. It’s actually a great way to make more girls fat and ugly, you know why have hot girls, they are just a distraction and bullies by existing, THEY should be removed by SOCIETY….MANDATE a certain fat chick BMI…because a world with fat uglies is still a world where dudes will fuck regardless cuz they are dudes…but then there becomes a hierarchy of fat uglies…where the hottest of the fat and uglies…or the fittest of the fat uglies become the new normal….the new hot chick…so really it’s a LOSING battle…which is why we should just keep hot chicks hot…and BAN celebrities for being fat uglies..in bikinis…maybe MANDATE that burkini for the fatties…and keep the hotties in thong bikinis….because this free for all needs some boundaries, some lines in the fucking sand…


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