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Charli XCX Bikini of the Day

Being an old timer with a blog, when I should be doing more meaningful work for my legacy that will never happen, because I’m an old timer with a blog, and thus incapable of being remarkable or meaningful…but being an old timer with a blog, I’ve seen Charli XCX go from being a virtual unknown in LA working at night clubs, literally at night clubs, in a leootard like some bootleg lady gaga….to selling her soul to the devil this past year, where she’s gone onto produce a series of very satanic music videos, photoshoots, and a Netflix special…..because all of a sudden, the powers that be wanted to give her the shot.

As it turns out, throughout it all, she’s had her tits, and we’ve been documenting it since first being introduced to them all those years ago….she’s still got the, whether they’re great tits or not, who knows, the face is creeping me out in the top pic so I’m trying to not make eye contact with that JULIA FOX looking monster….but I guess now that she’s more popular than ever, finally making it, the tits are higher profile and thus more worthy to jerk off to than her older tit pics of when she was just a try hard trying hard to make the connections to get her soul sold to the right person who would take her to the top.


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