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Sydney Sweeney Cleavage of the Day

Sydney Sweeney has a lot of hype, probably because people see tits and not acting, because if they saw acting, they’d know she’s not very good at it, which makes the hype pretty confusing if you were to look past the tits, which I am not recommending you do, but if you look past the tits, see her average at best acting, you’ll know that she’s some kind of clickbait, eye candy, tits because the industry needs stars.

I don’t know how some girl from outside LA just ends up in LA with her big tits underwraps, only to do small parts in big movies and shows out of no where, like someone with connections was placing her…..but when she first got on Euphoria, and I already knew her from a few other shows, she had 200k-400k followers on instagram, fast forward 2-3 years and bitch has 12 million followers, basically a Kardashian….that shit just doesn’t really happen on its own….so I want to know what dicks were sucked, or what genetic altering in the lab was done when they created her 23 years ago and raised her to play this big titty part.

She’s not the HOTTEST, but likely one of the hottest of the young celebs, maybe the only celeb to get famous through the industry the old fashioned way of them manipulating us, rather than being hot tits on instagram, that you know if she was to get famous organically would have been her marketing hook before ever having representation, which is why it is all suspicious.

No girl with tits this big is holding out on showing her tits until getting good acting gigs, her dreams of fame would 100 percent be titty on instagram 100 percent of time hoping someone noticed, not the other way around…..

Why bother being paranoid, just accept the surface, and on the surface, we’ve got awesome titty and that’s enough.


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