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Heidi Klum Ass in a Bikini of the Day

Here’s an old ass that belongs to Heidi Klum, who I assume is in her 50s by now, since she’s got a 18 or 19 year old big titty midget daughter with one of the men who has RAN THROUGH her and added to her body count that we will assume is as substantial as she is because that’s how you get ahead the traditional way, which Heidi Klum is old enough to be the type of pussy who had to get ahead the traditional way…..you know, since she’s old.

That is unless she was made in a lab through a Nazi Regime Eugenic program that never got shut down, but that went underground because the world is fucking corrupt and who know what is real and what isn’t, at least when it comes to governing us simple minds.

If I was to write a Sci/Fi movie, assuming I knew how to write, which clearly I don’t….all the pop culture icons the masses jerk off to would be sex robots, clones, made in a lab and conditioned so that you can control them, what they say, what they do, and all taht.

So it is possible, especially since she doesn’t rot TOO hard that there’s a bigger story here….however the ass is sagging, the ass is rotting, but maybe it will get you in the mood to jerk off to your 50 year old wife this Thanksgiving, or your dad’s 50 year old wife, you know A 50 year old…whoever and however she may have got to the family house for the holiday….it likely won’t be as good as this one, but that’s not saying much since this one’s not that good, but it does love attention.

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