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Megan Fox Satanic Cleavage of the Day

I am going to assume that Megan Fox is a satanic member of the hollywood elite, but not just because she’s throwing up her “3s” which for people in the know, that’s a satanic symbol to let those in the know know….you know a tribute to the motherfucker who owns their soul….

It’s weird to see her attempt to get back into the scene after taking a break to have a kid or ten with David from 90210, now in her 40s…pretending she’s still youthful and not rotted out like road kill on the side of the highway no one picked up for dinner….

Just not weird as the creepy face filter she uses to pretend she’s not some blown out pussy….

I’ll assume her comeback was part of some satanic ritual, where her handler MGK decided it was time to re-release her to the people, I just don’t think they ever expected no one to care as much as they don’t care now….

There’s plenty of hotter, less robotic and creepy tit out there to stare at!

I assume she was some human trafficked slave they created to be the tits and ass of a generation, because even at her prime she was pretty unimpressive and we all just assumed she sucked the devil’s dick to get where she is, we just didn’t think she literally sucked the devil’s dick to get where she was, as the tits and ass of a generation, just not THIS generation, but a generation long gone…..

She still hasn’t produced any nude content, maybe because the other conspiracy about her is that she has a dick, wouldn’t that be a plot twist…DEMONS the LOT of THEM….


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