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Selena Gomez Cleavage of the Day

The unfortunate thing about the internet is that I know more shit than I’d want to know about things I really don’t care about….

For example, I know that Selena Gomez used to bang Justin Bieber, why would any of us care, we don’t…but maybe a few of you like the idea of seeing the two girls rub their cunts together…

Then, I also know that Selena Gomez has lupus, is slated to die prematurely, bloats up from the steroids, had CHEMO to off-set the LUPUS and is still here with us.

I also know she quit social media last week or two weeks ago because apparently Bieber’s wife has beef with her, or got the lame fans excited and created some divisive war that I doubt the JENNERS or Hailey Baldwin actually win, even if they are hotter than this pudgy thing, she’s the more famous one…

I would have assumed she quit social media because she looks like an obese woman working the Taco Stand after generations of selling tacos and dropping babies out of her womb along the way…

But no, she quit over girl drama that we’ll assume was fake girl drama….

Because the psychopath is back on Tiktok pushing her make-up brand, which is what the celebs do to become billionaires, and what Selena does to be a billionaire. Direct to consumer, mooch off the idiots of social media, have viral TikTok content, viral TikTok product, get richer than you already are.

It’s a hustle…one that generates more hype when you create fake drama like WWE shit, only to come back and get people talking about your big sloppy tits, or make-up, they line up to buy to show their support to help her from hurting more than she has to…

IT’s all marketing motherfuckers, clearly time wasted that could be better spent in the gym and not eating….


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Here are her big sloppies…


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