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Sarah Button – Big Vagina Influencer of the Day

There’s a social media influencer going viral for all the right reasons named Sarah Button, who I guess is a tall chick out of Australia, the prison colony filled with trashy crocodile hunters who don’t know how to speak english….and her specific talent or hook, since all social media influencers need a talent or a hook to justify their existence and the money they make on onlyfans, is that she’s got a fat pussy.

Her GUNT or FUPA is not really so much a FUPA but RATHER a fat set of pussy lips that I haven’t dog through the internet to find, but I probably should, because her instagram content is making me want to see how fat the pussy really is….but if she’s a smart marketer, she’ll never SHOW the lips, just imply she’s got fat lips through cameltoes, so that the nerdy losers keep on paying hoping they’ll one day see the lips…..you know keep that hook in, because once the pussy is revealed the sideshow circus act loses appeal.

Oh, she shows her pussy….

Anyway, she is 6 foot 2 and terrifying….but also hilarious…what a fucking weird world…Her