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Sarah Button – Big Vagina Influencer of the Day

There’s a social media influencer going viral for all the right reasons named Sarah Button, who I guess is a tall chick out of Australia, the prison colony filled with trashy crocodile hunters who don’t know how to speak english….and her specific talent or hook, since all social media influencers need a talent or a hook to justify their existence and the money they make on onlyfans, is that she’s got a fat pussy.

Her GUNT or FUPA is not really so much a FUPA but RATHER a fat set of pussy lips that I haven’t dog through the internet to find, but I probably should, because her instagram content is making me want to see how fat the pussy really is….but if she’s a smart marketer, she’ll never SHOW the lips, just imply she’s got fat lips through cameltoes, so that the nerdy losers keep on paying hoping they’ll one day see the lips…..you know keep that hook in, because once the pussy is revealed the sideshow circus act loses appeal.

Oh, she shows her pussy….

Anyway, she is 6 foot 2 and terrifying….but also hilarious…what a fucking weird world…Her





Aneka Townsend is the Dead Jamaican Influencer of the Day

Her name was Aneka Townsend, she was an influencer out of Jamaica, which means she posted slutty enough pics of herself on social media to get noticed….

The whole “I am an influencer” think is pretty retarded, since people can fame it by buying fake followers that inspire enough actual people to follow her….but that’s not really her fault, society wants to have the “cool kids” to follow because they are trained sheep I guess….

But the whole all that glitters is not gold, worst case scenario happened to this influencer last week when they pulled her body, a bloody towel and a wig out of the Jamaican ocean…..because clearly, a motherfucker didn’t like what she was doing, or maybe he LIKED it too much and it made him mad….

The internet is a crazy place filled with crazy people who can do crazy things to you, especially if you’re a girl that produces content for weirdos to jerk off to, but instead of fearing the crazies, some of these girls sell nudes to the crazies, making them more crazy….all for the clout!

She has an amazon wishlist…which included things like a panini maker….something she won’t be needing because she was killed….but yeah, the internet is a bad place for bad people that people know are bad, but that they still produce content for… or maybe it is just Jamaica that is bad…..who knows….I just find it surprising more influencers aren’t killed off on the regular, in part for being the worst society has to offer, but also because there’s a lot of weirdos out there who can track down their home addresses if they wanted to end them….for their money, or their pussies, or their scheming, or their cock-teasing….

Dark story I blame Zuck for.





Idiot Instagrammer Looking for Some Shine by Suntanning her Anus of the Day

Some ugly chick named Metaphysical Meagan is on instagram promoting bullshit health and wellness trends to get some attention to herself and become that influencer she wants to be…and it’s gone viral…cuz it’s so dumb.

The “health and wellness” trend that went viral is sunning her asshole…for energy or whatever cuz humans are meant to be naked.

There was a time when losers were wearing ED HARDY and getting bottle service, but for some reason the internet made everyone a health and wellness guru with snakeoil claims from a variety of natural things that idiots bought into and perpetuated cuz why the fuck not….it makes them feel more in touch with the world, their bodies, and the earth or some nonsense…

It amazes me that people believe their own bullshit to the point of trying to heal others without any creditentials…but even more amazing is that people buy into these idiots who claim to be healers…it’s insanity really.

I am not saying being naked is bad for you, I know all the Dot Com idiots into Tim Ferris, Joe Rogan, Wim Hoff get hardons for every health and wellness trend and I know one of those things they say to do is “be outdoors naked daily”…which sounds like some hippie hogwash being repackaged as “primal animal needs”….but this girl takes that angle and targets her butthole.

So as the world laughs at her, cuz they ain’t jerking off to her, she’s basically a parody….with captions like this:

I reclaim my INNOCENCE. Our sexuality is the most playful and innocent part of ourselves!
We are all offspring of the most high. We are all Sacred beings. We are all children of mother/father god & The Universe. Unfortunately, our sexuality has been distorted and manipulated to keep us in a state of control, disempowerment, and shame. There is so much programming and shame around our sexuality and our experience of pleasure.

If we can remember & reconnect with our experience as children- we remember and see how children so purely radiate their sexual energy with such innocence. What was our relation to our sexual energy before we were programmed & before our understanding of it was distorted? The antidote to shame is the reclaimation of our pure INNOCENCE! One of the reasons we chose to take on these bodies was so we could experience EXTRAORDINARY BLISS. Bliss and pleasure are our Divine BIRTHRIGHT. Our sexuality is sacred. It is the gateway to superconsciousness and our Divinity. Sex, along with harnessing & cultivating our sexual energy in a balanced way, is as close to ourselves as we can get. Reclaim your innocence, your utter bliss and pleasure… for this is your Divine essence & birthright. Home is returning to our innocence.

Shut the fuck up…Ban this pervert bitch and her negligent / insane claims…It is safe to say that despite being a parody, 30+ year old women everywhere will be doing this, lets just hope it hits so mainstream, it happens in the part outside my house…

The fact she’s going viral, will end up with millions of followers, for some OBVIOUSLY DUMB shit…is proof the internet is a huge fucking LOL.

Here are some pics of the butt sunner…the things people need to do to get ahead amongst all the noise is crazy..people so bored, so desperate. Go away…