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Britney Spears Thong of the Day

Here’s some Britney Spears producing some really weird, low budget content that I was assumed was created before they killed her off or institutionalized her after the whole “releasing her” from her captivity she’s under.

I just don’t believe it, mainly because of the glitches we’ve seen in her content and the shit quality in her content, and the fact that she could easily be a body double.

I don’t know why they’d do it, I guess money is still meant to be made…and it’s being made, they recently said she’ll be releasing a new album soon, obviously…KEEP MILKING THE CASH COW like you are K-Fed….

The reality is, maybe her family of handlers deserve the compensation because without their sacrifices she’d be nothing, and by sacrifices I mean child sacrifices with other record execs in exchange for the stardom they got…

Anyway, I’m into the body they pretend is Britney in her bikini doing smutty selfies on an out dated phone in what she claims is MEXICO back in April…SURE IT IS BRO…


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