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Bella Thorne Memorial Day Ass of the Day

Disney Kid turned Porn Peddler who doesn’t push her porn aggressively enough to get cancelled or fired or blacklisted from the demons of Hollywood, who probably contrived this whole thing to keep her relevant and to keep her making them money, all while taking society as a whole down a notch by turning idols into hookers, so that the kids who grow up to be hookers, instead of wanting to be vapid Hollywood celebrities which requires talent, work, connections, effort…when modern day hooking requires an internet connection….and a smart phone…

The point is, Bella’s done her share of destroying a generation of idiots who probably need to be destroyed, and this is her version of Memorial Day, celebrating freedom provided by fallen soldiers or some shit, letting those families of the soldiers who died know, that she has an ass in a bikini, which I think it consoling while honoring the ultimate sacrifice…right?


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