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Salma Hayek is Not Giving Up of the Day

Here’s a 3 or 4 day old picture of Salma Hayek that I think I original saw on People Magazine’s feed because People Magazine is coming to terms with people not giving a shit about celebrity gossip, and the only people still around for anything celebrity are the 40+ crowd looking to jerk off to their old classic celeb favorite’s tits…

Works out nicely for Hayek, who has made a career with the tits, one that got her bought by a billionaire, allowing her to continue using her tits as if it is all she knows, because it is probably all she knows, since she still can hardly speak english despite making a career as an english speaking actress, because why bother learning complex languages when you can put on the thick accent to just let everyone know you’re only here cuz the tits….all this to say the old timer’s STILL got the tits and they are in a bikini.

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