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Asshole Behind Thong Thursday of the Day

Thongs, like most people in this generation of people, just don’t do the job they were hired to do, because working is for suckers and when you can get away with half ass coverage and still get paid, or in the Thongs case, still be worn daily by man women who don’t view them as torture devices, but rather a way to have some minor coverage of their dripping cunts so that they don’t stain their pants….

I was just watching a woman in the park doing yoga in tight leggings, her thong sticking out like some kind of advertisement that she isn’t too old to be in a thong, despite being too old to be in a thong and if her ass wasn’t as fat as it was, and if those pants were a little more sheer than they were, I would have been staring right into her asshole….wondering what’s the point of wearing underwear that doesn’t cover your asshole, but instead shows off the asshole, as I jerked off.

Point of the story, these girls are wearing thong and showing asshole to remind me of what could have been with YOGA lady had she planned her outfit a little better, or just done the workout in the THONG she was already advertising instead of throwing a pair of pants on, ruining the whole experience for the spectating perverts like me!

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