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Tanline Thursday of the Day

In this screen-tan world of people having their lives sucked out of them via their computer or phone screens, just these barely human people staring at screens and allowing those screens to dictate every aspect of their life, including their vacation spots or outdoor activities, that they spend on their screens, because they are so owned by the screen sucking the life out of them…the tanline, which is nature’s highlighter, is still an exciting thing, even if the chicks with tanlines are painting that shit, in some cases, like the Kardashians, literal shit on themselves with convenient and modern chemicals, rather than just hanging outside and catching a tan like they would have done in a better ear where they didn’t live behind a fucking screen all day….

The sun may be the source of life that they are trying to DIM because they are evil, but that can’t get in the way of your HIGHLIGHTING of the GOOD PARTS…

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