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Christa B Allen See Through of the Day

Christa B Allen is a pretty much nothing celebrity, who was such a nothing celebrity, that she turned to instagram to jump on the free the nipple trend.

I don’t think it was for some feminist agenda that is actually anti-woman and pushes back the progress women have made, since we’re all pretty equal and anyone who thinks otherwise is fat and ugly….

I think it was more like the feminist agenda of posting half naked content to pretend to feel empowered, when really just trying to those hot perky tits seen by the low level amount of fans a bitch has, in hopes of increasing the amount of fans a bitch has, since she’s got hot tits and the economy is based on tits.

In this titty content of a nothing celeb, you’ll see a dolled up hot skinny bodied nobody with her tits out because she’s classy enough to use her tits for attention anywhere she goes and in everything she does.

It’s a strategy I like since TITS.


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