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Charli XCX Bikini of the Day

Charli XCX, who sold her soul during the Pandemic, you can tell because she was a relative nobody who had a record deal but who no one gave a shit about, but quickly became the host of a series on the streamers, rich enough to buy a 30 million dollar home in LA, and all this other insanity when you’ve known this bitch and her big tits have been trying to be a big name forever.

I don’t think she’s officially a big name, but money was made and here she is in a red bikini selife, the face looking a little like a bull dog dumpy, the body looking fine from this angle, but if she was to give us a side profile, she’d probably look bloated or pregnant or like a beer drinker….

As it turns out, try hard, fame whore, famous or not…I appreciate a bikini selfie…


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