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Dakota Fanning Skinny Dip of the Day

Dakota Fanning has creeped me out the entirety of her career, since she started as this creepy kid they would tour around the talk shows, it was a different era where you didn’t have to jerk off on social media to get noticed, which I guess worked out for Dakota Fanning, since she was just a little kid, so the whole touring the talk shows was still weird, but NOT that weird.

Anyway, the point of the fucking story is that she was creepy adult acting child, then she turned into an adult and the cuteness that probably excited the creepy producers casting her pretty much evaporated, like it did with Haley Joel Osment and she’s now fully troll looking at least in the top LEFT picture below….HOWEVER she’s in bra and weird panty-shorts and more excitingly, she’s running into the ocean with her ass out and it may not be an exciting ass, a great ass, but it’s an ass running into the ocean on some huge celebrity, who may not be as big a name as she was, but still a big name because of what she was….unfortunately, her ass isn’t quite as big…


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