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Jordana Brewster Swimwear of the Day

It’s a long weekend here for Canada Day, you know the ICE LAND of oppression, who made us stay in quarantine camps if we traveled during covid, before enforcing vaccine passports on people so that the dirty scumbags who didn’t get the shot couldn’t go into Home Depot, Walmart or grab a coffee at their national Tim Hortons chain….these people want us dead, while celebrating grown men being naked in front of children at gay pride events, because Canada is clearly fucking crazy…

But, it’s a long weekend, so naturally, I’m not at a pool, staring at countless nude models who think I’m amazing, because I have a pool….but I am fucking lazy, so here’s an old timey bitch Jordana Brewster still stripping down like a basic instagram whore….because you don’t need instagram to be a whore…it just helps get that messaging out there….even when you’re too old for the internet like Jordana Brewster….


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