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Britney Spears Red Thong of the Day

I don’t think this video of Britney Spears doing a dance routine with her 40 year old mom gut hanging over her thong is anything recent, but they want us to think that it is, because they want us to think that Britney is free and not dead…but I don’t believe that storyline, I’m a conspiracy theorist and this shit is fake as fuck…

I do think this video of Britney Spears in a thong is on a level of weird, awkward and uncomfortable, even if it is recent and even if it is Britney Spears because the quality of this shit is like amateur porn, when only fat ladies were producing amateur porn, back in the early days of the internet before hot chicks stole their amateur porn glory, it was one step away from being scanned photos….

To think that a bitch was in captivity for decades, worked to the bone, and this is her messaging to the world now that she is free, just a crazy lady you’d find in a back alley dancing in her underwear for a homeless guy paying her in crack, seems a little bargain basement Walmart Britney, but maybe this is her creative vision finally unfolding in a humiliating and uncomfortable way!


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