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Leni Klum’s Try On Lingerie Haul of the Day

I know that the general consensus of Leni Klum’s try on video is that the people are mad that she’s an all American sounding girl, and not some rough German accented dominatrix ready to shove objects in your ass and tell you how pathetic you are.

The German / Italian adopted by Seal because her own dad only wanted anything to do with her in recent years since growing out those amazing tits, that Heidi looks at with dollar signs and happiness in her eyes, knowing she made them and is ready to exploit them, to make her continue existing into her 50s….so she was raised in NYC…

The other general consensus is “have you seen the tits on her”….they’re life changing, a way to get your deadbeat dad in your life and a way to get the internet stepdad to beat it to you….

She’s the most important person of these times….

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