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Tanline Thursday of the Day

It’s cold as shit here, summer is fucking over on this last weekend of summer bullshit propaganda they push on us before geo engineering the winter to hit us for the next 9 months, those mosters…

The good news is that the women of the world, who pretend to hate men, are still vain and follow the trends to seduce men, which include, but aren’t limited to tanlines..

So despite there being no sun, they will risk the chemicals of a spray tan, or the damaging rays of the sun, not that I believe that storyline created by BIG SUNSCREEN, but the majority of people do, yet these whores just don’t care, they’ll face the pain, the cancer, the damage for a fucking tanline…to highlight the good stuff…so that they can take pics of it to upload to the internet for you.

Summer or winter, WE WILL HAVE TANLINES!

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