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Leni Klum Applying Lipstick of the Day

Here is some Leni Klum since I have a boner of Leni Klum, seeing as she checks off all the boxes when it comes to most desirable woman around, from the big fucking tits, to the rich Victoria’s Secret model mom you can jerk off to old nudes of when you get bored on family vacation or at Christmas dinner…all European but raised in NYC, so not too European….Nazi / Fascist roots so you know that her generational trauma probably knows how to fuck….a rich kid with daddy issues, adopted by Seal, who was kissed by a rose as a child leaving terrible scars across his body….all rich, entitled, celebrity affiliated and did I mention BIG TITTIED.

I would turn this site into a LENI KLUM fan site, if she produced enough content for that, today we get a little lipstick or make-up application, where you can get lost in her eyes, while staring at her strong jaw, realizing she doesn’t even need the big tits to get jerked off to, but knowing the big tits are there makes her easier to jerk off to…

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