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Tanline Thursday of the Day

There’s nothing more repulsive to me that a pale bitch, I think it’s just fucking gross to look at their pinkish skin tones, looking like an unhealthy pile of shit, scared to go outside and get some sun, maybe because of the skin cancer….you know after years of listening to Jimmy Buffett only to hear that motherfucker died of skin cancer validating their SPF 90000 existence, all fucking long sleeved at the pool with a summer hat like a fucking albino, which you can’t call an Albino because it’s the new RETARD, or FAG, it offends the Albinos like their RED EYES don’t offend us…

SO yeah, tanlines excite me, almost enough to seduce one of them pale bitches who turns my stomach in their paleness, to either lock them outside on our date to a tropical place until they basically burn the fuck up and realize that the tan ain’t so bad after the burn fades….or that I’d smear feces on, not that I’m into that, but figure if it’s the only brown shit that we can use to give the illusion of a tan, then we’ll stomach the fucking repulsive smell…assuming that I don’t have bloody, liver infection, jaundice looking feces that day, because if I do, that tanline will be YELLOW and RED…..which I guess makes Orange and will still work…

Point of the story, as summer comes to a close, we can collectively hope that the pasty white bitches that you don’t see cuz they are tanned, stay that way…and here are some tanlines to jack off to.

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