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Julianne Hough See Through of the Day

I guess Julianne Hough looks like an old spinster at the wedding who doesn’t realize she’s an old spinster at the wedding, the “Auntie why don’t you have a husband” or “Auntie why don’t you have kids”….not realizing she’s the old as shit auntie who which leads to dressing totally inappropriate, having too much wine, and making a fool of herself when talking to guests about all the fuck she gets from the dating apps and how happy she is to be single at her age, with no committments beyond her anti depressant addiction to guide her through it.

Maybe old Auntie thinks she’s till hot because of the face filters on the internet, the face fillers at the dermatologist, the faake tits, the straving herself, the pilates, to the DIABETES MEDICATION DIET….and all the fuck she gets from the dating aps….

Maybe the old Auntie is trying to live her best whore days, in her whore era, when she should be in her learning to crochet era….

When wearing a sheer top to show off the tits is for fashion, style and to show how with it she is….all while being pretty humiliating and not very age appropriate…but she was a late bloomer since her early years ere given to mormonism…

Poor old auntie..


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