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Tanline Thursday of the Day

Fuck the sun, that motherfucker killed Jimmy Buffett….

Unless Jimmy Buffett was busy lathering himself in sunscreen in hopes of the sun not killing him, seeing the irony of pushing the beach bum life, that he managed to leverage into a multi-billion dollar hospitality brand, all based on a silly song that probably took him 4 minutes to write…..only to die from the beach bum life….like a rockstar living the drunken rockstar life and dying from liver failure….Buffett brought fun in the sun to its knees with a “if you have too much fun in the sun, you die a painful cancerous death”…

All these girls with their tanlines are going to regret what they did for the cause, just like Jimmy Buffett probably does from his grave and piles of money he died with…great while you’re alive, but not so fun when it DEADS you.

Unless it’s all just anti-sun propaganda to sell more sunscreen….just buy the Margaritaville Parrot Head brand that Buffett got royalties from, seems to work famously….if getting skin cancer’s the goal….

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