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Britney Spear’s Shows her Nipple on the Beach of the Day

I think this is the same nude picture that Britney Spears keeps posting, she just censors it with different emojis because she’s so clever, assuming she’s not dead, which I would never do….because I am sure this is a body double, a swapped out Britney but I can’t be too sure since her instagram gets deleted every second day, turned to private, made public, just constant confusion….but through it all…one thing is constant…the one time she was nude on the beach…..and this stiem she forgot to censor the back nipple….because she isn’t a she but rather an AI script that has been programmed to keep Britney alive with recycled or old content they have in the archive.

Remember, she’a billion dollar brand, they have sophisticated technology and access to the best in marketing, content and technology so when it looks like it’s being run by a mom in 2002 who plays YAHOO POOL to distract from her misery…..you know that is by design.

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