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Elsa Pataky’s Bikini Bottoms of the Day

Old lady Elsa Pataky is really shwoing her near 50 year old age in her knees, but the rest of her is looking pretty fucking ripped, which I guess is what you’d want as you hit menopause. Your only hope or use of that extra testosterone besides sodomizing your husband Chris Hemsworth with your strap on because you’re experimental artists and you’re already fiery Spanish personality now fueled with more hormonal imbalances is into that kind of thing…

Anyway, if you’re an aging mom of 3, spend your days in the gym, because that musculature will hold you together and let you be jerked off to a decent amount longer than you would if you were just a ball of fucking soft cellulite and loose skin.

Now this isn’t a post about Elsa Pataky, it’s a post about the real star of the images, her pink bikini bottom from Byron Bay Australia…gripping onto the mom pussy with all it’s bikini bottom might…and that’s impressive….so we won’t let Pataky or her big mom tits take away the glory of pink bikini bottom boy.

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