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Millie Bobby Brown in Cooter Huggers of the Day

My middle is not Millie Bobby Brown, but it could be if I wanted it to be because that’s my prerogative. The world is my fucking oyster and if I want something bad enough I could theoretically make it happen, no feat too challenging for me….i mean other than overcoming my extreme laziness and inability to follow through…

That said, Millie Bobby Brown’s middle name being Bobby Brown freaks me the fuck out, because there’s hardly anything Bobby Brown about her. That’s her prerogative, or at least from her handlers when deciding how to brand her before releasing her to the world through some stupid overly popular show on some demonic streaming platform…..

She now sells products direct to consumers because apparently people are so brainwashed and dialled into the matrix that they buy shit they don’t need if celebs they don’t even care about tell them to….

This is some outtakes from a shoot featuring her cooter hugging shorts back in December…since she’s clickbait to pathetic losers of the world, and my AUDIENCE is pathetic losers of the world, because they see me as someone MORE pathetic than them…I know you think you’re better than me, you’re like “at least I’m not that fucking drunkenstepfather”…..so you give me handouts like an only fans girl…it’s all part of my strategy that I’m failing at….which is also MY PREROGATIVE…

Why the fuck is her name Bobby Brown? What’s Whitney Houston think about all this?

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