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Priscilla Huggins Ortiz is the Instagram Of The Day

You may argue that all these images are the exact same. That there’s a formula or a serious lack of creativity in the content space because every self producing content creating slutty exhibitionist has the same shot, same pose, same place, same framing….the level of individuality is zero because they all figure that if it worked for whoever they are copying it will work for them…

IT makes for a lazy society, one where everything’s been seen, been done, feels familiar….so now the nudes of instagram are like the consistent BIG MAC, whether made by a snot nosed kid in Texas, or some IMMIGRANT FRANCHISEE in Canada….shit’s all the fucking same level of dog shit that sustains us for a few seconds or hours….

I’m not hating on PRISCILLA HUGGINS…If anything, I’m hating on the internet for making us all retards….when all we really want is real HUGS from busty bitches like PRISCILLA HUGGINS….because long hugs from busty girls is a better kind of perving….one that is more comfort food of perving…..

While these pics remain the fast food clickbait of perving…

Image Credit – Instagram

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