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Danielle is the Instagram Of The Day

Don’t be a cyber bully who thinks if Danielle can make it, anyone can make it, because Danielle doesn’t have the look of a traditional model. That’s mean.

She’s got her 243k fans and followers because they are interested in her content, her look, her outfits, her tits….and your opinion of her being a compelling or engaging talent…or even someone worthy of 243k followers is irrelevant…you’re just jealous…

Could you imagine a world where slipping into your underwear, swimsuit or one-piece and taking a selfie was literally all you needed to do to get seen, noticed and paid.

Ladies like to complain about how unfair the world is for them, they should probably go back to the drawing board and find a way to pull their tits out, because all I see is girls winning with that strategy.

Make the system work for you, fuck being a high and equal paid exec, make more money in underwear pics, you whiner…

Typical women, not aware of the market needs or wants, not willing to exploit the market needs or wants, hence the reason they don’t get paid equally in exec jobs, but rather get the position so the company can brag about their women in executive position stats, while the woman in the executive positive takes her afternoons off to drive the kids around…or to online shop….or see her therapist…or whatever it is women do.

Follow Danielle’s lead…girls next door, average at best, so long as the tits are there is ALL it takes for that win….

IT’s like the gold mine is just sitting at the tip of your nose, balancing on your rack…

Image Credit – Instagram

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