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Dua Lipa’s See Through Dress of the Day

I am not entirely sure what Dua Lipa is in a see through dress for, but I assume it has something to do with her being a diversity hire.

You see, I saw part of the Grammy’s, my favorite part of the Grammy’s and not not when Tracy Chapman made an appearance, despite looking hotter than she has ever looked, but rather when the guy who works for the Grammy’s gives some silly speech about the Grammy’s and mentioned some inspiring shit about music bringing the world together so long as the world follows their liberal beliefs, otherwise you get cancelled and deleted, because that’s how that works….WE ARE ALL ONE….WE ARE ALL EQUAL….BRING THE WORLD TOGETHER…..unless you think differently than me, then you’re a nazi…and their true rage surfaces…

Anyway, he said Dua Lipa was a Kosovo refugee and now a star, when talking diveristy, so I guess being a Kosovo refugee makes you a Diversity hire like you’re Stevie Wonder, so maybe this is two diversity hires holding hands at the Diversity Hire Auction…you know where they sell the diversity hires to each other….

She’s in a sheer dress, she’s hot….that’s it.

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