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Britney Spears Does a Demonic Dance of the Day

Here’s some Britney Spears looking like she’s possessed by demons. I figure it’s probably some side effects of the prescription pills she’s on, you know because they’ve decided she’s crazy after making her crazy.

Since it’s the internet, I don’t really believe that this is actually Britney, but rather a Britney face filter on a body double they’ve hired.

This gives crazy mom with a drinking problem at the trailer park BBQ on July 4th weekend vibes….

Not professional, top tier, highest level performer Britney Spears vibes….

I am not sold on the idea that she’s not dead, that this isn’t old content if it is her, that it isn’t a body double if it’s new content, that it’s even shot in the house she always shoots in….it’d be easy to keep someone alive on social media….real easy….

Anyway, her demonic dances are inspiring, because crazy bitches fuck the best!

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