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Charli XCX on Furniture on All Fours of the Day

Charli XCX may not be the bootleg bottom of the barrel, discount bin pop star she once was when she first got signed and was on the Night Club or Mall tour that no one noticed….

She’s shown up day after day and is now considered a top tier pop star thanks to marketing and media manipulation.

I remember her when she was more desperate, tits out in that leotard….and now we get to see her posing ass up on all fours on some furniture like a badly behaved cat, and I guess when a bitch is on all fours, you’re contractually obliged to stare and imagine your dick going in and out of it.

I may not care for Charli XCX, but there’s never been a girl on all fours I wouldn’t bury my face into….you see the whole being on all fours hides what would otherwise remind me of the terror I’m putting myself through….again…we’re contractually obliged to want to bury our faces into the asses of girls on all fours….

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