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Old Hard Bodied Nicole Scherzinger’s in a Bikini of the Day

Nicole Scherzinger has been called a tranny for the entirety of her career. With the success of that Drag Queen shit and I guess the whole transgender movement, it’s not that far of a reach to think a woman with her level of musculature, her hardness of a jaw, her bolt on tits, her exaggerated movements and presentation of a woman, maybe in an over sexualized, burlesque, parody kind of way….would have a dick.

The pop icon who made stripper dances mainstream about 25 years ago, before becoming a best selling solo artist, is out here in some luxurious place since she’s rich, stripped down in a bikini because she’s fit and has giant fake tits, and the whole thing looks a little artificial or AI and not necessarily in a good way, more in a girl trying to look that instagram look way but it’s still not a fat chick even if it’s an old chick. So that’s great, or at the very least, good enough….if you’re into passable stealth trannies and their tucked dicks…since they don’t make you feel as gay as you are gaylord…

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