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Joey King School Girl of the Day

So, I have JustJared – Jared Eng on Facebook and along with doing the celebrity bullshit as long as I have been doing it, only in a way that made him rich as shit and friends with celebrities who give him sideline projects and access to their world that he was a super fan of…..

He currently does work as a stylist, possibly because he’s gay and gay people like clothing, or because he’s asian and asians like clothing manufacturing at their factories, I don’t have the answers.

I just know that he dresses Joey King, who has hot tits, and in his recent outfit he dressed her like a some Harry Potter school girl you’d find in your hentai anime, a little perverted for someone who isn’t into fucking girls, a little perverted for people into fucking girls, and here it is….

Whether this business casual / school girl shit is hot or not is questionable, it’s not really my thing but it could be your thing, so celebrate Just Jared’s continued success where he has probably seen Joey King’s tits and asshole while dressing her.

Some people get all the fun…

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