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Dua Lipa Doing Ballerina Shit of the Day

Dua Lipa is one of the bigger pop stars on the international level, which would be more impressive if I didn’t know that her dad ran a digital marketing agency that worked with seriously huge brands over her lifetime, allowing him to be on the forefront of social media at the time, realizing that with the right strategic moves, he could produce a star out of his daughter, which he clearly did. It worked.

That’s not to say that Dua Lipa’s tits and abilities as a popstar in this fake robot music era didn’t help the process, just because a motherfucker knows how to game the internet doesn’t mean that he can have all those wins he deserves….there’s an element of chance, luck, timing that goes into it….but it’s still enough to ruin the vision.

I always assumed she was a rich kid, just because poor kids are busy being poor to become huge stars, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t also appreciate that idea that she was a refugee. Rich people can be refugees too, the poor people stay in those countries getting killed off, while the rich get on the lifeboat out of there….

So the whole refugee from a communist country who managed to make it in a new country, now on an international level of stardom, was great fantasy….

Which is why seeing her in her communist ballerina outfit speaks to my soul….you know like a Russian Ballerina forced to train all day until her toenails fall off, all to impress the ruling class…or be killed off…

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