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Tight Pant Tuesday of the Day

Tight Pants keep the dream alive. I am not sure what dream it is, but now that girls in my area aren’t wearing their oversized clothes and their insulated pants, they’ve started walking around with their fat winter asses in leggings, fat winter asses that they are clearly trying to shrink down, because that’s why they are out there walking….

Which works out nicely for me, because fat winter asses are still fun to look at, especially when you can see the pussy through the tight pants they are wearing for comfort and to appear athletic in their quest to reduce that fat winter ass…

So any outfit that lets me see cunt in public is an outfit I’ll endorse….it’s just unfortunate no one wants me to endorse those things…because even when I cheerlead the girls who walk by me in those pants, sometimes even slowing down to let them in order to get that whole experience, my excitement gets treated like creepiness and that hurts my heart….I thought we were in this tight pants thing together, you being the tight pant wearer and me being the tight pant observer….jerks.

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