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Giana Ramos is the Instagram Of The Day

Giana Ramos is a Miami based OnlyFans model, which is a funny concept, since OnlyFans is a self produced thing, meaning being cast to be an OnlyFans model isn’t really as important as being cast for a job modeling products, where the models are put up against each other and one is selected as being the best one for the job, which kinda takes out all the third party validation that people like me appreciate.

It’s not that I think brands or talent agencies or casting agents have a real grasp on the best available talent, or that I need them to tell me what to like or what to be into, I just think having some sort of barrier of entry makes women a little more humble because there are losses along the way, so that the one who is getting celebrated has reason to be celebrated, rather than just a bunch of international losers signing up to their self produced smut.

So this girl takes scandalous pics of herself, monetizes it through more scandalous pics, while looking like every other Kardashian with all the fake everything, and it’s pretty fucking boring, especially since it’s all just a cash grab scam against suckers.

Image Credit – Instagram

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